13 Types of Worst Friendships

Okay, so today I thought I would share some of the worst kinds of friendships I’ve had with people in my life so far. …I’m sure most of you can relate to at least a few of these! 

  1. Friends who are only friends with you because of they need something from you. This could be in the form of lecture notes, class quizzes, favours they would like from you or anything else they might not have. 2fa28dbe6083dd181afd2905ba37057a85bdbfe1a2be0cc657f1b2592e738366
  2. Friends who have to compete with you with literally everything. If you were a cute dress to a party, they would need to have an even cuter dress! It’s as if they love the attention and you seem to be taking away their spotlight with your amazing personality. top_of_the_world-bitch_please
  3. Friends who tell you not to do something or criticize you but they do it all the time! Total hypocrisy! What’s worse is when you point out what they had said before, and they either deny that or tell you that, “it’s okay”. …So, it wasn’t okay for me, but totally okay for you???70bd4d94ba52ee3508e6bf19ce422ecc0eab1369bffb7e486172d4df51e07c8a
  4. Friends who keep a lot of promises but break them all the time. Like seriously?! I trusted you!!!don__t_break_a_pinkie_promise__by_pikawolf18-d4tigws
  5. Friends who make plans, but then they don’t show up. Or worse, they don’t have the decency to text you and let you know they can’t make it! …Umm, I was excited about this, totally got all dolled up and waited over 2 hours for you and you don’t show up or text! Rude!
  6. Friends who sleep with your other friend’s boyfriends! This is the worst! Hasn’t Mean Girls taught you anything?! Total indecency! And guess what? You are probably the last person to know about this and what’s worse is when you find this out from an outsider. Awkward much?! tumblr_lkbqx5jgAt1qfy2kdo1_500-1
  7. Friends who say that they are “busy”, but you know very well that they aren’t! …Of course you know this because you see all the partying pics/videos on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! You’ve got to be kidding me.
  8. Friends who show fake concern. This is the awful. …You can totally read that fake act that they display. 56419955
  9. Friends who call you a “long time best friend” but never asks how you are doing or what’s going on in your life. …You’re basically like a wall that they can vent to. They are talking to you because they want you to say stuff they would like to hear. Let’s face it, most of the time, we totally do this. We never really tell them what really goes on in our minds!
  10. Friends who make you feel like a third wheeler. Hello??? I’ve been there for you and have done more things for you than your other friends have done for you in your entire span of friendship. Guess all that doesn’t mean anything.200_s
  11. Friends who don’t have the decency to text you and at least inform you that they are in town. What informs you instead? A general post Facebook saying, “Enjoying my time in [insert place]”. Like, what, you’re in town?! …And you didn’t say hi! Wow…
  12. Friends who do not reply to your texts, calls and messages or take too long to answer back. I can see you’re online – I’m not stupid! 279c8a933199dfdde038d25948cb2fc1
  13. Friends who spend way too much time with their boyfriend or talking about him the entire time. …Let’s face it, we single ladies, don’t want to hear about your boyfriend 24/7. It’s annoying. Also, there’s a whole other world out there aside from hanging out with your boyfriend all the time. Experience fun things with your friends a little! What’s worse is when they eventually break up with their boyfriends, who they basically spend day and night with and eventually isolated themselves from the entire world… and then they begin to weep/whine about it for days and of course, you have to be the only one listening to that, because all your other friends are no longer close friends with that person. 8b7

This is all I have for now! Let me know if you have any other “bad friendships” you’ve been in down below in the comments section! 🙂

Xo! – S


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