Things I have yet to learn while ‘adulting’…

Let’s face it, this “New year, new me!” phrase is full of sh*t. We all like to pretend/want to believe that this New Year, we will make huge, positive changes in our lives. We love to lie to ourselves every year to make ourselves feel better. Why do we constantly do this!? Perhaps it’s out of guilt. Or maybe we are just cowards. Truth is, we are very bad at accepting the fact that we suck at some things… Actually, a lot of things! We are human, and whether we like it or not, we are full of stupidity. Every single of us. So this is me accepting that fact that I am a flawed human being and listing all the things I’m still horrible at as I continue “adulting” in my early 20’s. Continue reading


Women Are the Worst Mentors!!!

Written by Maiya B. & Iffy S.

What the heck?! Did someone just say that? Now before you go all feminist on me….read the whole post.

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