#Smoothie Saturday!

Smoothies are a great way to make something healthy that is both quick and easy. It’s also a great breakfast-to-go item if you’re a college student like myself! I hope you enjoy these two quick smoothie recipes!

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Mother’s Day: Italian Ice, Body Scrub, & much more!

Mother’s Day is a really special time of the year. It is the perfect time of year to show your mom exactly how special she is in your life and to pamper her as much as possible and make her feel like she is the Queen! For those of you who are still pondering for gift ideas or what to do on mother’s day, here are some quick and easy recipes and gift ideas I have come up with for you guys!

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🍦Healthy Ice Cream: Dairy free & low in fat, sugar, & calories!

Who doesn’t like ice cream!? Especially during hot, summer days! Let’s face it, we all have those occasional sweet tooth cravings for ice cream. However, we try hard to resist this temptation because ice cream has too much sugar, has lots of fat and is high in calories. …And let’s not mention lactose, which makes it completely off limits for some people with high lactose intolerance! It’s so frustrating!

Well, today I will share with you guys a healthy ice cream recipe – both quick and easy! Say whaaat?! Healthy ice cream!? Is that even a thing!? Well, yes, it totally is!!!Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.20.50 PM Continue reading

Embarking on a New Journey

Bonjour chéris…

I’ll keep my intro short and sweet! My name is Sumaiya. I have been recently wanting an outlet to express myself and what better way to do this than to blog?!

This will be a lifestyle blog…

Here, I plan to share with you guys:

– Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and things YOU would like to hear about
– Provide new editorials from amazing designers
– Have something extra for those with a budget
– And build the dream wishlists of the budget less

So come join me and lets do this together!

Xo! – S