Mattify Your Lipstick in 2 Easy Steps

Today, I’ll be sharing a quick makeup technique I use to mattify sheen/lustrous/creamy lipsticks to achieve that long lasting matte finish, that doesn’t transfer onto stuff easily. It is really quick, easy, and inexpensive!

What you’ll need:
Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4_Fotor_Collage.jpg

  • Any lipstick of your choice
  • Baby powder or non-shimmery/matte eyeshadow that closely matches the colour of your chosen lipstick …both of these options work equally well!
  • Sponge or lip brush (optional)


Step 1.   Apply the lipstick on your lips like you normally do.

Step 2.   Tap on baby powder or the eyeshadow on top of the lipstick using your lip brush,
sponge or fingers and then blend the powder on your lips. Blending is key!!

And voila …Matte lips! 🙂

Tip: For more precision, I recommend using a lip brush.

Pssst… You can also cornstarch, flour, icing sugar, or even translucent/setting powder to do this same technique! Whatever you do, DON’T use baking soda!

Hope you guys liked this technique! Until next time!

Xo! – S


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