Summer Travel Series #2: Fashion Edition

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Travel Series #1: Beauty Edition!

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Rocky Mountains: Banff National Park

There’s nothing more I love than visiting the rocky mountains. I can never get bored of the mountains or the beautiful scenery all year round.

When I first moved to Alberta, Canada with my parents, I wasn’t really expecting much. Moving from Toronto, I seriously thought that Albertan cities were just small, cold cities rich with oil sands. I didn’t think too much of this place. However, this all changed when my parents took my brother and I to Banff National Park when we were younger.

I immediately fell in love the minute we entered the highway surrounded by mountains! I loved seeing the waterfalls, hot springs, caves, crystal clear water and the many different animals seen on the highway. Since then, I have always loved Banff and can never ever get bored of the rocky mountains. It has become my go-to place all year round!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Banff – I hope you like them!

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Embarking on a New Journey

Bonjour chéris…

I’ll keep my intro short and sweet! My name is Sumaiya. I have been recently wanting an outlet to express myself and what better way to do this than to blog?!

This will be a lifestyle blog…

Here, I plan to share with you guys:

– Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and things YOU would like to hear about
– Provide new editorials from amazing designers
– Have something extra for those with a budget
– And build the dream wishlists of the budget less

So come join me and lets do this together!

Xo! – S