Little Black Dress: 6 Ways to Wear It!


There’s nothing more classy and versatile than a simple black dress! A little black dress is a definite staple to any girl’s wardrobe and is a never-ending fashion trend which always seems to be in season!

6 Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress

  1. Go classy by wearing only your little black dress and black or nude coloured shoes
  2. Pair the dress with a statement necklace to vamp up your simple dress
  3. Add an embellished collar
  4. Add a little pop of colour to your black dress by wearing colourful accessories, clutch, scarves, or shoes
  5. Belt to define your waistline
  6. Top your little black dress with a blazer to make it business casual and classy or a simple, long, and neutral coloured cardigan for fall season when it’s slightly chilly outside. For summer, wear a denim jacket on top!

Xo! – S



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