Struggles Only Girls With Small Feet Can Understand…

81c1a15cf80011e2bc4e22000aaa05b3_6So the other day, I went to the mall and finally bought myself these adorable heels. It was a bit on the expensive side, but I needed to get my hands on them. My shoe size is US 5.5/UK 3 (yes, I know, you don’t have to tell me… my feet are freakishly small!) and it’s extremely hard to find fancy looking heels. Shoe shopping is usually a nightmare for me! So I had to get them in a heart beat. As a result, this post was inspired by my small feet experience!

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    My camera is awful, but is this not such a cute/edgy pair of shoes?! Shoes that finally fit!! :’)

    Designer brand/adult shoes never fit… “But you can custom order it online!” …Yes, because I totally have the money for that! Let’s hope I become rich someday to make this happen!

  • Stores don’t carry your size… Like seriously, weren’t we all caught that people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes when we were little?! Designers really ought to keep that in mind! 
  • Forget Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins! …Walmart is the right place for you! Ugh! Boring, but that’s the curse girls with small feet and huge shoe addict have to deal with! *sigh*
  • You can’t just spontaneously buy new shoes for a special event …It takes time and planning!
  • You know those people who stuff their bras to make their boobs look big? Yes, we do the same thing, expect it’s in our shoes to make it fit/feel right …Sometimes, no matter how much tissue or even those gel padding you put in shoes, they still don’t fit you! Or they get uncomfortable and you have to constantly fix them!
  • You always say, “I’ll grow into it someday!” and purchase shoes you like anyway …Although we both know, that totally doesn’t work out and ends up sitting in your closet for days. But hey, shoes are our guilty pleasure! Could you help it if you are a chocoholic but on a strict diet and some delicious chocolate cake was placed right in front of you?! …I mean how could you resist?! Same with with shoes that are too big for us.
  • Kids shoes are the only ones that seem to be a perfect fit for you – but hey, although they are sometimes cute/inexpensive, they are also pink and sparkly meant for 12 year olds!
  • People with bigger shoe size tell you that you’re “lucky” ….really?! Lucky for what?! I can barely find myself some fancy heels. If that’s lucky, then I guess I’m totally lucky!
  • You can never share shoes with anyone… But hey, none of your shoes go missing right?!
  • When you find a really nice shoe and ask the sales person if they have anymore, you dread hearing: “Ooh, that’s a really popular style so we might not have it in stock. What is your size?” …Of course you totally make that sales person’s day because two things could happen: Your shoe size doesn’t exist and it saves her a trip checking the stocks.. or your shoe sizes are the only ones left because, lets face it, not many have small feet like you  …most of the time, it’s not in stock! Yes, you’re totally welcome sales person!
Although we go have our share of struggles, we totally feel like fairies when it comes to out small feet. I mean, think about it, you might actually have a winning shot with Prince Charming if the fairytale, Cinderella, were to ever happen in real life!
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Xo! – S

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