6 Weird Trends Spotted at ’16 Fashion Week

Disclaimer: There may or may not be sarcastic (or funny?) remarks and movie/tv show references that might appear to be mean. However, I had no intentions of being mean. Just did this for fun! Okay, you’ve been warned!!! Hahah, enjoy! 🙂

I know, I’m a little late with this fashion week post. What can I say, I’m sometimes a late bloomer! But better late than never, right?!

Most trends during fashion week are flawless, elegant, chic, and even edgy. BUT, every single year, we get to witness these really weird trends that fashion designers/trend setters come up with that kind of make you question what went through their head at the time.

These are some of them…

1. Hairy Nails


London Fashion Week – Libertine Runway – Fall/Winter 2016

Hairy, faux fur nails? No thanks. Honestly, I feel like if I had these nails done, I would probably be one step closer to becoming a bear in the wildlife! Imagine washing your hands with these nails or the amount of dirt that can get gathered up in those faux fur! :O

2.  Abstract Faces


Viktor & Rolf

I don’t know who would wear this. Actually, never mind, I think Lady Gaga might wear something like this. I think. …One thing I don’t understand is how on earth one is supposed to walk around wearing some of these – your face is completely covered! I don’t see any peep holes for your eyes to look through!

3. Chromosome


London – Central Saint Martins Show

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this piece was chromosome. This fashion designer must have been studying biology when creating this masterpiece! …Or maybe that’s just the science nerd in me.

4. Fuzz Ball


David Ferreira – Spring 2016

Though I don’t quite see people wear this, it’s definitely seems warm and cozy! I would honestly consider it if I had lived in the North Pole or something. …And you know what? With a little more added fur, you can probably pull off the yellow, furry version of Sullivan from Monsters Inc. Or you can even be Big Bird from Sesame Street! Seriously.

5. The Plastics


Christopher Kane 2016



Plastics such as PVC has been a popular choice of clothing/accessory materials to some designers lately. Why on earth would one pay $1000s to buy “designer” plastic clothing/accessories, let alone wear them! I mean, it’ll probably be useful and make a statement in rainy weather. However, you are better off buying a shower curtain, sewing it together and voila… haute couture!

Likewise, what is up with the plastic lock seals used as chocker “necklaces”?! Totally looks like a hazard if you as me! Plus, Lovelace already showcased this life-threatening plastic necklace trend in Happy Feet with 6 pack soda can rings. …If this really trends, I hope people realize how Lovelace felt in Happy Feet!!! Awful.

Furthermore, can we talk about the clear, plastic purse? It kinda reminds me of those cheap, plastic, transparent purses I used to store all my toys in with when I was little… Famous designer brands like Hermès at point used to produce these “handbags”. I personally would never purchase this kind of bag. It feels too cheap, plus… the entire world doesn’t need to know what I have in my purse.

6. Meeooow!!!


Maison Margiela – Spring 2016

Seriously, this outfit explains one 1 of 2 things that likely happened…

a) The girl got into this huge fight with her boyfriend or beat up her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her and she decided to take his shirt as a trophy or something. The model has this “don’t mess with me” look.

b) There was a crazy catfight between a few girls who were fighting over who can keep Justin Bieber’s shirt that he threw at the audience at his live concert. …Clearly, this model won after a savage battle.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂

Fashion is more of an artistic masterpiece created by various artists in the industry. They can be anything from abstract to weird to silly to wonderful – it really depends on how you view it at the end of the day and what you define as beautiful.

Until next time!

Xo! – S


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