Fall Cozy Home Essentials: Tips, Ideas, & DIYs On Decorating Your Household For This Season

 I am in love with fall! It’s one of those seasons where the weather is perfect – not too cold or hot! It’s the perfect season to make your room warm, comfortable and cozy.
…I don’t know about you guys, but I love redecorating my room. Whenever seasons change, I like to spice up my room a little bit. This is going to be a roomspiration blog post! I will be sharing with you guys my cozy essentials for this fall. I hope you get some inexpensive tips/ideas/DIYs on how to spice up your room for this fall. And yes, I totally used a word that doesn’t exist …roomspiration!!!  🙂
So without further ado, here are my cozy room essentials during fall…

Warm/cool colours with accent pieces
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7_Fotor_Collage
I like to replace brighter coloured things with warmer/cooler coloured items. Then I love to add white bed spreads with heavier down duvets and accent it with pillows that are warm/cool toned like brown, red, orange, purple, green, yellow, grey…. anything that’s close to fall colours! You can find super inexpensive accent pillows at Target or Walmart!
Lots of blankets on top of beds and chairs
I love adding knit or cashmere blankets because they make rooms really warm and cozy feeling!
Rugs on the floors
Rugs, especially warm furry ones, seriously make your room a million times more comfy! They definitely help warm up your feet on those chilly mornings during autumn.
Decorating containers or mason jars filled with fall items… 
First, I suggest decorating your mason jars. You can always get fake leaves from the craft shop and glue it all over mason jars and then tie a bow on the jars with twines or ropes to add a little accent to it! Once you’ve decorated the jars, you can fill it up with sand, stones, flameless candles, mini pinecones, acorns, potpourri or candy corns …because who does’t love candies!
Painted pumpkins! 
Fall seasons, means pumpkins. …Who doesn’t love painting cute little pumpkins to put around the house. You can even pain monogram pumpkins with your name initials to make it a little more personal. Pumpkins really add to the cozy autumn theme!
Cozy with candles! 
So, one of my favourite ways to decorate my room during the fall time is candles, candles, candles! I love candles because they add warmth to your room, make it cozy, and best of all… they make your room smell really good! Who doesn’t love that amber/musky smell or the smokey smell of bonfires?!
Patterned Poufs 
Poufs can add that extra coziness and comfort in your room. They are so cute and perfect for the fall time. You can put cute pillows on top of them to really spice it up a little.
Wall Decals/Stickers
Over the fall, I love having autumn themed wall decals like trees, birds migrating or simply leaves falling off branches. They add a little character to your room and makes it feel like you are in nature.
Wall Art
If you are an artsy person like myself, you can always create your own wall arts to place on your night stand or hang them up on the walls to show a bit of your personality. They can be pictures of nature, animals, or simply quotes that you love!
Last but not least…
Using parts of nature! 
Another way I like to decorate my room in the fall time is getting bags of leaves and pinecones from local craft stores and putting those anywhere that’s looking plain to really give my room some life and make it look a little bit more autumn and festive. You can even make cute little animals with pinecones/acorns to give your room a little character!
Well folks, that’s all I have for you today in terms of my cozy essentials that I personally love putting around my home to transition into the fall season and make it a little more festive, while keeping it cozy and welcoming. Stay tuned for more fall festivities in the upcoming blog posts! 🙂
Xo! – S
Pictures retrieved from Parachute, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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