Summer Travel Series #2: Fashion Edition


Hey loves!

This is my 2nd post for my summer travel series. If you haven’t checked out my 1st travel series post (Beauty Edition) …definitely check it out! 🙂

When traveling long distances by air, I keep my style very simple yet chic. Airports are definitely not the time to glam up your outfit. Trust me, things will get uncomfortable (and sometimes annoying) really quick!

So here are my some of my tips, in terms of fashion, when traveling long distances by air:

Always opt for loose, flowy, light, and comfortable tops that aren’t tight 

  • you want to allow your skin to breath while sitting in a 8+ hour flight

Opt for leggings or sweatpants when traveling long distances. 

  • It’s nice to wear jeans during short flights, however, when you are traveling long distances, jeans can get really uncomfortable

Bring a cardigan or sweater 

  • Sometimes, flights can get chilly and so it’s always nice to have an extra piece of clothing to keep you warm!!!

Wear a scarf 

  • Scarves can help you stay warm.
  • Also, you can convert your scarf into a comfortable pillow for you to rest your head on when sleeping on board

Wear something with extra pockets! 

  • Honestly, extra pocket space is always great… it’s kind of like an extra carry-on space!

Opt for ballet flats/slip on shoes that are both comfortable and that you can easily take on and off quickly

  • It’s important to wear footwear that are easily removable. This makes life so much easier while going past airport security. Also, when you have a connecting flight, a comfortable pair of shoes will definitely help you speed up the process!

Pack a pair of socks …I normally pack a pair of ankle socks.

  • These are perfect for keeping your feet warm in case if it gets chilly on board

Try to bring a large purse (but not too large!) with a zipper when travelling 

  • They hold more stuff
  • You will not lose your purse easily or forget it in the plane
  • With the purse zipper closed, nothing will fall out of your purse.

What you should AVOID wearing:

Stay away from lots of jewellery. They are a complete hassle when going through airport security and slows you down a lot!

Just like jewellery, try not to wear belts!

Flip flops …Do you really want to walk barefoot with millions of germs that are on the floor while getting past the metal detector??

Shoes with lots of metal buckles/shoe laces or heels. These take too long to take off/on. Also heels can get really uncomfortable when wearing them for an extended period of time.

Tight clothing – really uncomfortable during a long flight!

Coats, jackets, pullovers… unless it’s winter, there’s no need for you to wear anything heavy/bulky – especially since you need to take them off at airport security, making your process slower.

Inappropriate/offensive clothing …You can seriously get kicked off a plane for this, or worse, get banned from flying! Keep things PG-rated!

Hope you enjoyed my mini post. That’s all I got for part 2 of my summer travel series! Stay tuned for the next post! 🙂

Xo! – S


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