Rocky Mountains: Banff National Park

There’s nothing more I love than visiting the rocky mountains. I can never get bored of the mountains or the beautiful scenery all year round.

When I first moved to Alberta, Canada with my parents, I wasn’t really expecting much. Moving from Toronto, I seriously thought that Albertan cities were just small, cold cities rich with oil sands. I didn’t think too much of this place. However, this all changed when my parents took my brother and I to Banff National Park when we were younger.

I immediately fell in love the minute we entered the highway surrounded by mountains! I loved seeing the waterfalls, hot springs, caves, crystal clear water and the many different animals seen on the highway. Since then, I have always loved Banff and can never ever get bored of the rocky mountains. It has become my go-to place all year round!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Banff – I hope you like them!

11264220_642409342526103_1258476572_n 11203155_10153125258015862_7512660428348033776_n 11236296_687616321361577_1421394631_n11232663_1605647276385881_1683089149_n 11236021_1657531291129844_1220317586_n 11263455_1588396318078601_474129184_n 11243071_849437591802955_74400951_n 11246552_387287181458073_905387132_n 10483562_1451264481795744_1653972214_n 11260758_1632728116962135_1298301591_n11255619_1451000841864966_109059582_n 11266377_1452801218346579_1692155851_n 11272411_1590964241188072_1964720995_n

If you haven’t visited Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, you should definitely do so! It is an amazing place to hiking, camping, skiing, touring, see wildlife and much more!

Xo! – S


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