#TREND: Tulle Skirts

Hey Fashionistas!

Ever wanted to be an elegant, graceful ballerina wearing pretty tutus when you were young? Well, this is your chance to shine and twirl with this new trend:

T U L L E  S K I R T S

Tulle skirts are totally in season for this spring! They can be short, long, or in between in length.

What I love about it? Aside from the obvious swishy-ness of the dress that makes me feel really girly like a ballerina… I absolutely love the versatility of this skirt!

How to make tulle skirts work?

You can keep tulle skirts classy by wearing chic blouses or silk crop tops with pretty heels like this, which can also be perfect for this upcoming prom season: 217aa83727989116dedddcc1268abd76_Fotor_Collage Or you can go for a more casual look by wearing sweaters, long sleeve shirts or even a boyfriend shirt with sandals, flats or oxford shoes: b3d73a22a4b1e96690a4f029c7109452_Fotor_Collage If classy or casual isn’t your look, and you are more of an edgy fashionista… You can edge this look up by wearing your favourite band tee shirts or even vintage tees. Or you can wear a leather or denim jacket over your favourite coloured shirt! To achieve a tomboy look while remaining girly at the same time, you can wear your favourite sneakers, converse or canvas shoes: 7689bc136b2f963a91fa78eb484438e4_Fotor_Collage As you can see, there are endless possibilities in jazzing up tulle shirts with different tops, shoes, and accessories! Give it a shot! Xo! – S


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