Post-Workout Face Routine


As a university student, I’m always busy with classes, meetings, research and work. I rarely find time to workout! However, I always try to squeeze in my workouts in between classes or before work/meetings.

One thing I really dislike after my workout is the sweaty, icky feeling I get everywhere – especially on my face! It feels even worse for people like me who have oily skin to begin with.

On a busy day, it’s hard to take time and shower right after a workout – especially when you have somewhere to be right away!

To combat this, I always try to make sure I pack the right things before going to the gym, so I look more presentable following a workout. Here are a few things I always carry with me in my gym bag to help me look a little bit more refreshed following a workout:

  • Face cleansing wipes
    • Always cleanse your face after a workout to get rid of all the sweat and oil that could clog your pores, along with other dirt and impurities
  • Lightweight moisturizer
    • Moisturizing after cleansing your face is always a must! Cleansing your face strips away the natural oil off your face, to restore this – moisturize!
  • Tinted moisturizer 
    • I always stay away from foundation, especially liquid foundation, because I do not like to cake my face with loads of makeup. I like my skin to breath following a workout so I opt for something light like a tinted moisturizer.
  • Lip balm/lip gloss
  • Small, neutral eyeshadow palette
  • Mascara

…And there you have it! That is kind of the post-workout routine I follow in terms of makeup after a workout!

Hope you all have an amazing workout at the gym!

Xo! – S


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