Saskatchewan Fashion Week

Hilllberg & Berk

Attending fashion week in Milan, Paris, or NYC and seeing all the fashion designs of creative minds on runway shows have always been one of my dreams. I’m sure it’s many people’s dreams in the fashion world. It’s hard for average people like ourselves to get an entry to these runway shows featuring the industry’s elite designers showcase their collections in runway shows.

Fortunately, the region in which I am currently residing in, Saskatchewan, was holding a fashion week. Unlike other cities in Canada, such as Toronto or Montreal, Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) is fairly new in this whole “fashion week” business and this has been their 4th annual event. They are definitely getting better every year!

I was not able to purchase tickets to access the fashion show, as I am a broke university student! A girl has got to budget! Lol. However, I was able to get a little taste of fashion week by attending the art installation, which featured some of the fashion designs inspired by 2015’s theme (fashion, nature, and art), created by Saskatchewan artists and fashion designers.

Here’s are a few of my favourite exhibits featured in the art installation:


Laurie Brown


Rani, Priya, & Christos


Mackenzie Bulych


A: Mackenzie Bulych, B: Hayley Gartner


Gina Pulai

I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I have and let me know which one is your favourite?! Comment down below!

Bonsoir beautés!

Xoxo – S!


10 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Fashion Week

  1. Style Domination says:

    Amazing! Great shots. Our fashion week here in Ottawa got canceled! So sad about that. I think this year I will treat myself and check out the Toronto Fashion Week this fall. Way to go, SK!


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